The Earth-bending Scale of the Great Lakes

Lake Michigan, April 2019. Photo by author
Having not carried my DSLR along, I had to settle for this shoddy picture of the Chicago skyline instead, shot on my phone. (If you’re seeing this on a phone, you might need a magnifying glass. It was much more satisfying to see in real life, though.)

Why does it appear smaller?

The skyline appears “shorter”/”partially submerged” in the picture on the right. Notice the gaps skyline in the picture on the right, which are absent in the picture on the left.

The earth ain’t flat

Sketch not to scale

Crunching the numbers

A caveat

‘Great’ Lakes indeed

A cold breezy afternoon at Lake Michigan. Human beings for scale. © Sai Kanth Dacha

Physicist, Photographer, Professional Cat-lover |

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